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The basis upon which Countrylore Bushcraft exists is a healthy respect for nature and the environment. It was Bushcraft and the teachings of Ray Mears at Woodlore that made Mark & Lucy more aware of their own natural surroundings.

Countrylore always gives strict attention to the balance and protection of all the resources & eco systems it effects.

As part of their ‘everyday’ practices they undertake to:

  • Educate staff and students alike to respect their surroundings and natural resources
  • Comply with National, Regional and Local estate environmental practices
  • Recycle and reduce waste wherever possible
  • Follow stringent procedures to avoid damaging woodland
  • Sponsor and assist environmental projects
  • Not to disturb or destroy any wildlife’s natural habitats
  • Protect water sources from pollution
  • Practice the ‘No Trace; philosophy
  • Minimise journeys across wilderness areas in mechanized transport
  • Plant a tree for every student they teach
  • ‘Bushcraft for Trees’

This new initiative will run alongside ‘The Furniture for Trees’ scheme ,the couple introduced in 2008 via their furniture business. To date they have been financially responsible for the planting of over 75,000 trees. They were the first furniture business to link actual solid wood furniture sales to tree planting and will be the first Bushcraft School to do likewise with its students.


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Bushcraft & environmental responsibility

Bushcraft and ‘Wilderness Living’ enable it’s students and followers to have a unique perspective on ‘The Environment’. A skilled Bushcrafter must understand Nature and all its complexities.’Grey Owls’ (conservationist & Author) words say it all… ‘Remember you belong to nature, not it to you!’ With this knowledge comes a responsibility, let’s say our debt to the natural world. At Countrylore we accept whole heartedly that we have an effect on the environment in which we live. However, we try to minimalism our ‘footprint’ and always put something back. In actually bringing Students out to our Woodland sites, we are helping them respect nature a little more and we hope they might give Eco issues a little more consideration…

School eco groups, eco councils and going green

Over recent years with the advent of Environmental awareness, especially within our schools – we have been asked to help many schools with their various Eco friendly initiatives. Showing the children precisely why their natural environment is so precious is paramount – a crucial step or foundation stone! We can also demonstrate what nature has to offer, over and above your local supermarket or diy store. We have many ‘hedgerow’ or woodland solutions to every day requirements – the ultimate Green solution!…