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www.raymears.com Woodlore School of Bushcraft: Ray Mears
www.frontierbushcraft.co.uk Frontier Bushcraft
www.karamat.com Karamat Wilderness Living; Mors Kochanski
www.bushcraftexpeditions.com Bushcraft Expeditions; Woody, Ross and Stani
www.harnhampress.co.uk Harnham Press; Mike and Tom
www.wilderness-survival.co.uk Wilderness Survival; Joe o’Leary
www.spirefm.co.uk Spire FM; South Wilts local radio
www.dickproenneke.com Dick Proenneke: Wilderness Man
www.karamat.com Karamat Wilderness Living; Mors Kochanski
www.bushcraftmagazine.com Bushcraft Magazine
www.longleat.co.uk Longleat Estate
www.ottons.co.uk Ottons Landrover
www.efa-training.co.uk EFA Training; First Aid
www.soulpad.co.uk Soul Pad; Bell Tents
www.paulkirtley.co.uk Paul Kirtley; Instructor
www.forest-fact.co.uk Forest Fact: Pete Oliver
www.canopylanduse.co.uk Canopy and Land Use; Pete Oliver
www.furniturefortrees.co.uk Environmental scheme
www.deanclose.org.uk Dean Close School; Cheltenham
www.royalhighschool.co.uk Royal High School; Bath
www.brutonschool.co.uk Bruton School For Girls, Bruton
www.wave105.com Wave Radio
www.garstonvets.co.uk Garston Vets; Somerset and Wiltshire
www.thecoast106.com Coast Radio
www.devonshirepine.co.uk Devonshire Pine Furniture
www.image-identity.co.uk Image and Identity; Corporate Clothing
www.independent-adventurers.com Mors Kochanski – Instructor
www.theplacetostayuk.com The Place to Stay Guest House, Trudoxhill
www.dauntseys.org Dauntsey’s School
www.willord.co.uk Will Ord Thinking Education; Trainer and speaker